Reporting Cycle

This is IPG’s third annual sustainability report and contains data that pertains to our 2020 calendar year performance. We published our most recent previous report in July 2020. 102-50, 102-51, 102-52

Scope and Boundary

We have prepared this report in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. 102-54 Since our previous report, IPG completed a formal materiality assessment, resulting in a revised list of topics covered in this report. 102-49

Data included in this report is inclusive of all IPG manufacturing sites unless otherwise noted. Visit our website for a complete list of our locations worldwide. We also include information sought by the SASB Index, providing disclosures against relevant SASB Standards.

Restatement of Information

Various reasons can lead to an update of previously reported data (e.g. new acquisitions or divestitures, data errors, or methodology improvements). These updates had minimal effect to this report. In prior years, data that were not disclosed are noted as “--” in relevant tables throughout the Report. 102-48


For questions about this report, please contact the Sustainability Communications Committee at 102-53

Map of IPG locations